I Need Help

I don't have an income, get by with the help of friends. Some months I can get the things I need, other months I don't. I somehow get by. Barely. I don't get to go out to do, well, anything. the better part of my week is going to the library. It's free, and the people are nice. It's my sanctuary.

I need help, financially. And I am trying to move into a safer apartment, one that is better and healthier for me. When it rains hard, or snow melts, my ceiling leaks. And I don't mean a small drip ... drip ... drip. I mean a deluge. I have long been concerned that there is probably asbestos in the attic (insulation), and when it leaks, is asbestos falling on me? My neighbor told me there is asbestos, that when they repaired her ceiling, professionals had to come in and remove it. Great.

capturing the rain

The building is infested with termites, and in the Spring, winged termites come through the floor into my apartment. They are actually covering my floor at this moment. Thankfully, they die soon after arriving and they don't harm me, but when they decompose, they smell. I was told maintenance would come in and clean them up, but it's been about six weeks, and the bugs are still here.

I'm on a waiting list for a new apartment that is for disabled and elderly people, and it has a dishwasher and washer and dryer in the apartment, and the rent is actually less than I pay now. But I will need a deposit in order to move in. I may get my deposit back from the apartment where I am, but because of past landlord issues, I am doubtful, and I may have to take them to court, which could take weeks or even months.

I am anticipating that $1000 will pay the deposit, hire movers, and pay for a truck rental. As for monthly expenses, even a little bit helps. Every bit helps.

Thanks for our consideration.  :)

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