About Me

I am a regular person, keep to myself and try to do good in the world, like many of you. I do try to help people when I am able, even to my own detriment sometimes. I think I must have the word "Doormat" tattooed onto my forehead. (Just ask my therapist.)

I haven't had an easy time of things. I have tried for years to get SSI, but the government says I am not disabled and continues to deny my application. I have several health issues, including back problems (degeneration of my spine), COPD, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Yes, I am a fat chick. I own it. I have never had much energy, couldn't keep up with the other kids, and quite literally have always been in pain. I just didn't know that wasn't normal. It's all I've known.

Between lack of energy, difficulty breathing and pain, I don't get much exercise. I get winded and feel like I will pass out after about two minutes of exertion. It's always been that way, but it has gotten worse over time. Most people blame me for being fat. they say I am fat because I am lazy. I am fat because I can't do much in the form of exercise. It's always been that way.

I am not physically active, but I am artistic & craftsy, and am trying to make a mark on the world through art and writing. I have a fur baby, Mama Cat, which is all I can handle. No kids, no husband. A few good friends (and some not-so-good ones).

I am not a success in anything that most people consider important. I am probably a lot like many of you who are reading this. I am smart (not a genius), funny in my own way, and an Atheist. Yes, you got it right, I do not believe in any gods or higher powers, other than the Universe as a whole. Everything is connected, and what I do affects you and what you do affects me. We are in this together and should be kinder to each other. Am I a hippie? Not really, but I guess I have some tendencies.

I have been to college. Many colleges. Many courses, several majors, and even though I should have a Masters degree by now, I don't have a degree of any kind yet. Will I ever? I don't know. time will tell on that one, I guess.

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