About My Cancer

In April, I had a mammogram, which showed a dark area. I had a second mammogram which wasn't much more conclusive than the first, followed by an ultrasound and biopsy. On April 28, the day before my birthday, I got a phone call from the radiologist. I have breast cancer. As of this date, I don't know exactly where it is, but is in my lymph node. We did many tests, including an echo-cardiogram, bone scan, CT, chest x-ray, and EKG. We know that it has not spread beyond the breast and lymph node, but my doctors have not been great about showing me exactly where the cancer is. Doctors! It's my damn cancer, and I have a right to know where it is.

Well, I am a survivor, and I will fight this and I will win. I am going to kick this cancer's ass!

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